Resist Slavery : "Resist Slavery - Stolen Wealth, Stolen Knowledge, Stolen Lives, Subjugated People"

The Arabic reads : 'muqaawamah' meaning resistance.

On the map of Africa are extracts from The Willie Lynch Letter, that was written by a slave-owner in 1712 : 'I have a fool proof method of controlling Black Slaves. Outline differences amongst them; then exaggerate them. Use territory, fear, distrust and envy to control. Pitch the old against light-skinned; coarse hair against fine; use the female against the male. Distrust all Blacks; but they must love, respect and trust only us. After receiving this indoctrination, the Slave shall carry on and will become self perpetuating for hundreds maybe thousands of years.'

These techniques are still practiced to this very day on various communities. Whilst they may not be in chains, their minds and actions are testament to that. Fake contacts, skin bleaching, hair straightening, fear of dark skinned people; it's all there!

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