ilmwear - The 'ilm' t-shirt has an abstract picture on it which represents a Japanese sword (katana) cutting though the fog, mist and rain. As it's cutting through, the jagged line is a lightening bolt with flames near the sword. It's been inspired by Japanese art and is supposed to represent truth cutting through falsehood

In Japanese philosophy, the sword and the ink brush work on the same principle. You must reflect before you use them - for once you do, what is done cannot be undone. They must be used with wisdom and honourable intentions : Black

ilmwear: signature samurai crest and motto
...and also in London wild-style: unisex pastel baby-pink

This t-shirt is the shirt that sums up what we are all about.

Our logo is right in the centre in the classic samurai crest style bordering. The catchy slogan is our very own: Fight to right Write to Unite with the aim of serving as reminder to us all.

The bar down the side carries our web address so that you can help spread the ilm message!

The Japanese characters down the side read: Fudoshin - meaning the immovable mind. It is the hightened state of awareness that one aims for to produce a capable, calm and focussed state of awareness.

The Japanese characters on either side of the ilm logo read: Wafu and Wafuku - meaning Japanese style and Japanese clothing .

Finally the Arabic at the bottom of the shirt says: libas ul ilm - meaning clothing of truth which is what we aim to bring you!
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